5 Celebrities Fighting Against Climate Change

When you’re a celebrity, you have a lot of eyes on you. You can get interviews on television, spread word […]

When you’re a celebrity, you have a lot of eyes on you. You can get interviews on television, spread word via social media, and pretty much anywhere you go for dinner is going to be reported on dozens of different blogs. Some celebrities are choosing to use all that attention to promote efforts to fight against climate change, using their platform to try to achieve something meaningful, and positive.

#1: Leonardo DiCaprio

Hoping to avoid the fate where the rest of the world becomes the ending scene from Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the more vocal members of Hollywood who is trying to fight climate change. While he’s donated a great deal of money to climate change causes (what celebrity hasn’t?), DiCaprio also serves on the boards of several environmental organizations. In addition, though, he’s produced at least one film about global warming, though there’s no word on whether that will be the only film he makes to help promote awareness of what’s wrong, and how we can do our part to fix it.

don cheadle fighting against climate change

#2: Don Cheadle

While most folks these days know him as War Machine in Marvel’s Avengers franchise, Don Cheadle is a hero off-screen as well. He’s thrown his celebrity and voice behind social causes before, including speaking out against the genocide in Darfur, and combating climate change is one issue he has been willing to wade into. He’s worked hand-in-hand with the United Nations on climate change issues, and he is showing no sign of backing down when it comes to doing what’s right.


mark ruffalo in human form combating climate change

#3: Mark Ruffalo

Speaking of Avengers actors, there’s another member of the team whose even greener off-camera than he is on it. Mark Ruffalo, who plays the dual roles of Dr. Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk, has spoken out several times on against climate change and how it is an issue we need to take a stand against now if we expect to blunt its impact on future generations. Ruffalo founded both The Solutions Project as well as Water Defense, and he’s been an outspoken opponent of fracking, as well as other environmental causes. He describes himself as a climate change activist who keeps his eye on the future, and he has been leading by example for a lot of people hoping to fight against this global issue.

sting combating climate change in the rainforest

#4: Sting

While most people think of him as little more than a musician and a proponent of alternative lifestyle choices, Sting has spent a number of years trying to do his part to fight against climate change by protecting the Amazon rainforests. He and his wife Trudie Styler have even established a charity, Rainforest Foundation, which has done a great deal to protect both the rainforests themselves, as well as the creatures who live in them. While it’s been a long fight so far, neither of them show any signs of giving up on one of our greatest resources.

brad pitt is another who attacks climate change

#5: Brad Pitt

While he’s been a regular on the covers of gossip magazines for years, many of them failed to report on Pitt’s greener activities. When New Orleans needed to be rebuilt after it was hit by Hurricane Katrina, Pitt’s charity was on the front lines to help those getting their city back together. Not only that, but the materials the charity provided were green, ensuring that future construction would be built not only with beauty and functionality in mind but also with an eye to how the cities we live in can affect the planet we live on. An attitude that is being adopted by a lot of places following this kind of example.

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