7 Unknown Facts of Why Amazon, Target, K-Mart, and Walmart Decided to Go Solar

As a business that’s decided to stay open 24/7, you’re likely realizing how expensive it is to keep things going […]

As a business that’s decided to stay open 24/7, you’re likely realizing how expensive it is to keep things going day and night. Even if it means more profits if bringing in customers during a.m. hours, your energy usage is perhaps exceeding any ROI.

It’s no secret to you that energy companies continually raise rates and make it more challenging for commercial businesses like yours. Rather than continue this battle, have you considered going solar?

If you’ve been on the fence about using solar panels on your 24/7 business, you might want to take inspiration from other companies that have.

Corporate names like Amazon, Target, K-Mart, and Walmart have all gone solar in recent years. Take a look at seven unknown facts about why they did this to help you make a smarter decision.

1. Amazon Plans to Expand Solar Panels on Their Facilities

Maybe you knew about Amazon going solar lately, but did you know what the extent is lately? This year alone, Amazon plans to use solar technology on 15 of their distribution and sortation centers here in the U.S.

By 2020, the company plans to have solar panels in use on fifty Amazon facilities worldwide. So their ambitions are high in solar use. They even estimate 80% of power for all their facilities can ultimately come from the sun, putting them on the alternative energy map.

2. Amazon is the Largest Corporate Purchaser of Renewable Energy

Recently, Amazon boasted they’ve become the top corporate purchaser of renewable energy in the world. Part of this comes in using solar technology to power all their data centers that run in the cloud.

Before Amazon moved into becoming a solar proponent, it was mostly retail giants using the technology. This is still the case, but now Jeff Bezos’s behemoth may soon move into the top ten in corporate solar use.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

3. Target Produces the Most Solar Power of Any Corporation

A lot of people don’t know Target recently became the top company in the world to generate the most solar power. With this designation last year, they beat out Walmart for the first time.

Target ended up in this top spot thanks to them installing almost 70 megawatts of solar panels on their facilities throughout 2016.

4. Kmart Has Taken Their Solar Technology Overseas

While you’re aware of Kmart’s presence here in America, they’ve also opened stores in places like Australia. There, they’ve begun using solar technology as a major move in Oz to go solar in all commercial businesses.

Using a 100kW solar system at this Kmart store is going to generate about 148,000 kWh each year. It’s a significant amount that can get them off the country’s energy grid forever.

5. Kmart Promotes the Use of Solar in Their Products

Once Kmart decided to use solar technology, they also started producing products promoting the idea. One such product is a toy for kids that allows them to build their own mini solar house.

This unique toy works in real life. Just set the toy out in the sun and your children can watch the little house come to life as a primer on how solar energy works.

6. Walmart Wants to Invest More in Energy Storage

With Walmart being one of the first major corporations to use solar technology in 2005, they’ve continually moved forward to expand their solar horizons.

Recently, they announced they want to invest in more energy storage facilities to enable renewables. They’ve already invested in these facilities throughout California in addition to continuing their solar panel use on their company buildings.

7. Walmart’s Goal By 2020: 100% Renewable Energy

As with the companies above, Walmart has an agenda to expand their solar energy use by 2020. Their immediate plan is to become fueled 100% by renewable energy during that year.

Their other goal is to reduce by 20% their energy per square foot intensity on all their facilities around the globe.


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