Ultimately, our mission is to move the world towards its full potential, so we can do more. Through sustainable & cutting-edge technology , our mission is 'to give more life.' – one community at a time.

Our Core Values

In order to fulfill our mission at Dvinci, we have developed some unique principles, policies and procedures, the sum total of which form the Dvinci corporate culture, aka our “Dvinci Code.” Below are 10 of them.


At the bedrock of our company, we recognize and accept our responsibility to always live in accordance with our values.


Our commitment to our customers means we are always putting them at the forefront of our decision-making. We value and protect our customers for life. We seek to create ongoing value to build long-term valuable relationships with all our customers.


Our mission stands at the core of all our decision-making. Our mission is to move the world towards its full potential, so we can do more. Through sustainable & cutting-edge technology , our mission is ‘to give more life.’ – one community at a time.


Our people are our company, our people are our product, our people are our customers. The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.


We have developed a platform for our team members to focus on their strengths and a collaboration-approach to make up for our weaknesses. You don’t win with the best talent – you win with the five players who are able to play well together.


We play the long game with a blend of getting the right things done with the right people with speed and diligence. We seek to create partners and customers for life.


We are committed to the survival of the company, to your customers and to each other. “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” We, as stakeholders of global society, take ownership of the world’s energy and climate crisis. We have made it our duty and responsibility to solve them.


We embrace failure as part of the process. Our goal is to minimize failures everywhere we can. However, if we do fail to deliver at any point, we are committed to… (continue) through which we learn & grow. We see failure as an opportunity for us to over-deliver for our customers, partners and employees. We have a culture of capturing and encouraging feedback/ideas that can improve our work and keep us on the cutting-edge of delivering more value and innovation.


Our global thinking with our local doing empowers us to make an impact within Dvinci and to the rest of the world- One person, one home, one neighborhood at a time. Collectively we seek to create an empowering, sustainable, human-centered future for all.

We Are a Technology Company

We are packaged as a turn-key platform that empowers anyone to go solar anywhere with the most cutting-edge technology, in the quickest time possible, at the lowest cost possible, while maintaining the most customer-centric experience.


Energy/Electricity, is the only universal currency, a privilege that powers machinery, economy, our banks, hospitals, our schools, our internet, and all our iPhones. Think of every major innovation: iPhones, Computers, TV’s, Crypto. They all runs on energy. The money we use to run our economy requires energy. Think about that for a second.… No electricity, no money. At Dvinci, we dream to transform the way humans receive (energy). We dream to transform the way the world powers itself. We see every home, every business, all 7 Billion people worldwide powered by solar.


Through our business model we are accelerating the adoption of solar across every home and business in America. We are revolutionizing the way solar companies operate to speed up this mass adoption of renewables.


Our purpose is to provide every home and business a more reliable, cleaner and affordable source of energy. A 100% renewable world is going to happen. It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when. We, at Dvinci, are stimulating and accelerating this global adoption through local change. We are giving more energy, power, freedom and control to our end-users. We focus on delivering the best technology at a lower cost, and we pass that low cost as savings to our customers. We are doing this while maintaining the most customer-centric experience for the people we serve.


Ultimately, our mission is to move the world towards its full potential, so we can do more. Through sustainable & cutting-edge technology , our mission is ‘to give more life.’ – one community at a time. This technology right now is solar. What we mean by “to give more life” is if we can empower a 100% sustainable/renewable world, we can invent, innovate and create more. More phones, more computers, more crypto, more schools, more homes, more banks, more technology, more everything. This all translates to more education, security, freedom, more food & water, and all the things we value most. And this, however, is only possible with “more energy,” more clean affordable accessible energy. That’s what we mean by “more life.” That’s what we envision. We are empowering every home and business with solar energy. We are actually prolonging the survival of our future great great great grandkids, and the overall survival of mother nature. This is why we define our mission at its core as “giving more life”