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A Letter to Dvinci, From Your Employee

Dear Dvinci Energy,

As the new year rolls in and I reflect on my 2017, I realize I’ve got to thank you.

Top producers don’t typically switch between companies, they’re top producers for a reason, they understand and excel at their company’s way of doing things. They have no intention of going anywhere but up! Top producers are loyal, dedicated, and role models in the workplace.

For me, the choice was hard. I was leaving behind a well-known company, structure, stability, and most of all, a sales team that I’ve been with since day one in the solar industry.

Making a decision that meant having your colleagues, environment, and focus all change in an instant was something that, I knew, would modify the trajectory of my life.

I was going to be part of the first team in the California region, I knew that I was walking into a company that was putting me in a position that they had never filled before. ButI saw opportunity, and I was all in.


Dvinci Energy made selling myself on their product easy.

I was sold on the culture, the business model, and the vision that Dvinci adopted.

I’m a firm believer that you are a product of your environment. At Dvinci I’m surrounded by people that want to be a part of something so much bigger than themselves. For me, that is something worth being around. In the workforce, there’s a common theme of how much money you could make doing jobs not many people want to do, door to door being one of them. I’ve seen it first hand with companies that favor commissions for their reps over savings for their customers. Coming from these types of companies, I found this theme was absent at Dvinci. With a mission to serve seven billion people, a company could not sustain such a business model, something that Dvinci really emphasizes.

The first solar company I ever worked for, Suncrest Solar, ended up going out of business. In the solar industry, that was nothing new. Suncrest was built on a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ model, where they tried to do it all and never specialized in one thing.

While this business model is attractive because of the control on costs, unfortunately for Suncrest and many other solar companies, that control was at the cost of the entire business.

Although Dvinci has been successful with its customer-centric business model, it wasn’t the attention on customer service that necessarily attracted me to Dvinci. Every profitable company wants to emphasize customer service. However, I believe that the root of how customers are treated comes from the way that companies treat their employees. In my experience, never have I had a company invest in my training beyond the training provided in-house.


Not only was I provided with training material from the man who started it all, Walid Halty, but was also given access to one of the most renowned sales training programs, Grant Cardone University. Even with two years of door to door experience, it wasn’t until I had the resources Dvinci provided that I advanced from being a novice to a professional.

Maybe it was the material, like Grant Cardone University or the extensive training on door to door and solar. Maybe it was the company and its insatiable desire to provide for their customers with their mission in mind. Or maybe it was the environment and the fact that I was surrounded by people who share my passion. Regardless, none of it would be possible without the leadership and vision from our CEO, Walid, a person I am forever grateful for. Walid has shown me what it means to believe; to believe in people, to believe in a mission, and most of all to believe in myself.

Give More Life

Over the next few months, you’ll encounter the phrase “Give More Life.” This comes from our mission statement, “To move the world towards its full potential, so we can do more. Through sustainable & cutting-edge technology, our mission is ‘to give more life.’ – one community at a time”, I hope my story, the one I’ve just shared with you, sheds some light on to what this means. By investing in my career, Dvinci has done exactly that:

Given me More Life.


Chris Diaz