The Dvinci Foundation

The Dvinci Foundation was founded in 2017 to create a lasting impact on the community and the environment we live in.


As we offset millions of pounds of carbon with our solar projects at Dvinci Energy, we take it even further by contributing to different verticals in the clean energy space through donations, volunteer work, research, and more.

Flexible Rampling

With our partnerships, proprietary technology, and softwares, we are able to execute on large-scale projects with speed and efficiency.


The Dvinci Foundation aims to exemplify the endless possibilities of connecting a greater purpose and connection between the community and a company.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to leave a lasting and meaningful impact on the communities and environment we live in through our community programs, research and education funding, and large-scale volunteer work.

Our Vision

Our goal is to harness the power and passion of each member of the Dvinci Energy team and transform it into a vehicle for positive impact on the world. We aim to empower 7 billion people on this planet and create a lasting impact.

Our Values

The Executive Team prides itself on exemplifying the core values of the Dvinci Foundation. We are rooted in integrity, transparency, and old-school conscientiousness. These values are found in all of our team members, volunteers, and corporate partners and an integral part of the organization. 


The Dvinci Foundation Scholarship Program is designed to connect high school students with the ability to have the freedom to think outside the box and passionately follow their dreams through an endless road of possibilities. The Program advances awareness not only of solar energy by developing and implementing education programs in schools and learning centers across the nation, but also the growth of society in ways that have been lost. 

Collaboration And Partnership

There’s power in teamwork. The Dvinci Energy Foundation aligns with organizations that seek to serve humanity and bring it to its fullest potential. Some of our official partnerships include SEIA, Deploy/US, and the EarthX Team. 


The only way to achieve our goals is through the use of cutting-edge technology, found in all of our proprietary softwares and technologies that allow the Dvinci Foundation to create a lasting impact on the world. As the world progresses, the Dvinci Foundation not only keeps up, but pushes the needle and sets the standard in technological advancement. 

Environmental Stewardship

The Earth is our home and its survival is in the hands of all its citizens and inhabitants. Our Foundation leads the way by offsetting carbon emissions through our energy projects, funding research and education in the clean energy sphere to raise awareness, and our “boots on the ground” approach to volunteer work. 

Valuing The People

Our people are our clients, our customers, and our core. Nothing would be possible without our internal team, and the countless contributors, donors, and volunteers that not only make Foundation possible, but allow it to thrive and continue to grow, bringing us closer to the Vision. 

Giving Back To The Community

We have begun to give back to the communities that have personally fostered the Executive Team’s growth and development, and are actively pursuing new and creative ways to scale that growth unto communities around the globe. 

How Dvinci Gives Back

  • Academic Scholarships
  • Religious Donations
  • Awareness and education to
    the masses
  • Community Service
  • 10% of profits go to charity
  • Path to excellence for our youth

How Can You Help?

The Dvinci Foundation is establishing a Dream Team of leaders to be part of a movement that will change the path of society and lead communities around the nation to empowerment beyond measure.

Through innovation and new age thinking, we are seeking the modern day philosophers, philanthropists, engineers, motivators, and all who are confident in thier value in this world to come together and help bring this world to unity and peace. Join The Dvinci Foundation Dream Team today!