NFL Stadiums with Renewables: Which Ones Went Solar?

With football season well underway, many of the top NFL stadiums you see every week have done one great thing […]

With football season well underway, many of the top NFL stadiums you see every week have done one great thing you probably haven’t noticed. All of the electricity running through these stadiums is now generated by solar power.

While some of these arenas don’t heavily promote that they’ve gone solar, you’ll be surprised at how many there are. It just proves how fast solar technology is starting to advance here in the U.S. and abroad.

So do you wonder which NFL stadiums use solar panels now? Take a look at the most notable arenas taking on renewable energy and using solar technology every day.

Two Super Bowl Arenas Using Solar

The last two Super Bowls were completely run with solar energy, something not widely reported enough. Super Bowl L in 2016 used Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, an arena known for its powerful solar panels. In fact, it uses a 375 kW solar array on the roof.

Back in 2013, they installed their 49th solar panel frame to make it just one leading stadium in the league to generate significant solar power. They locate their solar panels up on what’s called NRG Solar Terrace, a spot where many hold conferences and other private events.

In total, Levi’s Stadium uses 544 SunPower E20 Series solar panels with a 20% efficiency rate.

Earlier this year, for Super Bowl LI, NRG Stadium in Houston used their solar panels to aid in powering the event. They generate 180 kW of solar energy with their panels installed throughout the facility.

Lincoln Financial Field

Did you know the home of the Philadelphia Eagles generates the strongest solar power of any NFL stadium in the nation? Lincoln Financial Field isn’t new to using solar technology. They started early this decade and managed to install 11,000 solar panels and 14 micro wind turbines.

Altogether, this generates up to 3 MW of energy, now producing four times the power consumed during a season of home game days annually.

Most of the power comes from fixed solar panels installed in the nearby parking lot. They continue to add more solar panels around the stadium in various locations.

While LFF is the top solar generator, other stadiums are starting to catch up.

FedEx Field

The stadium that houses the Washington Redskins is now the second most powerful solar energy arena in the United States. They started going solar in 2011, and they haven’t wavered in keeping their commitment to using renewable energy.

They and the stadiums above teamed with NRG Energy to make this happen. Working with NRG, FedEx Field now has 8,000 solar panels in use. It makes their solar power installation the largest in the Washington, D.C. area.

Beyond solar, they even provide ten electric charging stations on the grounds to show their commitment to saving energy.

Gillette Stadium

Third in line for solar panel use is the home of the New England Patriots. Gillette Stadium also teamed up with NRG Energy to help bring more solar panels to nearby Patriot Place went solar years earlier.

NRG helped the stadium bring an additional 3,000 panels on an adjacent store roof. Now they generate about 1,000 kW of power thanks to both a solar canopy and rooftop panels working in tandem.

Patriot Place already had a strong commitment to lowering energy costs and sustainability practices. Having Gillette Stadium join them makes this all the more powerful and moves them up into the top five solar NFL stadiums.

Behind them are CenturyLink Field in Seattle and above-mentioned Levi’s Stadium, with more likely on the way.

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