Paris Agreement Created by 197 Countries Made History

Rewind to April 22 of 2016, the day 197 countries, including the U.S, united to address a problem that was […]

Rewind to April 22 of 2016, the day 197 countries, including the U.S, united to address a problem that was and is, larger than any political or cultural difference they may have. By signing the Paris Agreement that day, leaders around the world sent a message loud and clear: it’s time to change.

It was a historical moment not only because of the xxx that the agreement entailed- determining how each country should contribute to lower greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening developing countries ability to cope with the impact of climate change, limiting temperature increases at a global level- but because it was the first time we saw the world recognize the necessity for this kind of plan.

Even after a U.S government decision to withdraw from the agreement a year later, American governors, mayors, and business leaders took it upon themselves to implement the necessary measures to address the crisis. Walmart, GM, Apple, Google, FedEx are just a handful of the top brands committing to solar energy; while California, Massachusetts, Texas, Nevada and Florida are the 5 states with the most solar jobs in the U.S.

Climate change aside, this shows that clean energy is beneficial to many other aspects of society, including the economy. Studies say that 1 out of 50 new jobs added in the U.S in 2016 were created by the solar industry. In a report, the Imperial College of London and Carbon Tracker stated that the demand for coal and oil would peak by 2020. This is because the cost of solar panels and other renewable energy source alternatives has decreased so much over the last decade that it’s become more sustainable, economically, to use them.

All these facts are nothing new for the Dvinci team. We’re constantly studying the development of the industry because we believe it’s time we re-think and unlearn many things we thought were true in the past. There are plenty of incentives for fossil fuel divestment, and we are committed to educating people at the local level, and across the globe, on what those incentives are.

Like many of the top business and government leaders in the U.S and the world, we believe in using conflict to strengthen the relationship with our goal. We provide the resources for solar developers and installers to do their jobs while guaranteeing customers will not only get the most competitive prices but real, quality assistance. This way, we help dismantle the myths surrounding solar energy and what it can do for the world while empowering people by making renewable energy accessible.