Tesla Solar Roof: Worth the Price?

Anyone who hears the name Tesla stops to listen because this famous brand built a golden reputation from their electric […]

Anyone who hears the name Tesla stops to listen because this famous brand built a golden reputation from their electric vehicles. Now, they have released the Solar Roof, which blends non-solar tiles with solar, and it’s intended to replace the solar panels of today. Everyone knew the panels would launch in 2017, but no one could estimate the actual cost of the panels. Now that they’ve released the price, everyone’s wondering if the cost is worth it.

What to Expect on Price

The estimated cost will depend on the size of the roof and a number of other factors like:
  • Materials
  • Removal of the old roof
  • Installation
This estimate doesn’t include the possible taxes, structural upgrades, skylight replacements and gutter replacements. However, customers who want the Tesla Solar Roof can choose to finance it through a home mortgage, and the 30 percent federal tax credit can carry over into future years. You may also want to search for further incentives from the state, utility and local companies.

The Appeal of the Tesla Solar Roof

Countless customers have complained about the ugly appearance of solar panels. They’re an eyesore and many customers can’t look past the fact. While solar panels sit on top of the roof, a solar tile integrates itself with your roof almost seamlessly. Still, you may think the price won’t offset the cost of your electricity bill like standard solar panels.

Infinite Tile Warranty

Considering how solar tiles have up to three times the strength of a traditional shingle, your home’s roof could last a long time. In fact, you pay for this once, and the company promises a lifetime warranty on the home. That means you likely won’t have to replace traditional roofing shingles, which can cost you between $1,700 to $8,400. However, do they honor that promise? We do know these tiles will provide you with a cut on your electric bill. For example, let’s say you have a solar roof with 70 percent solar tile and 30 percent non-solar tiles. The solar panels will cost you $27,720, but you have an electric bill of $77 each month, and it covers 100 percent of your electric needs. To get the same output, you’d have to double the solar tiles on your roof, and this could cost as much as $71,000. That’s three times the cost of a standard solar panel system.

Worth the Cost?

Whether it’s worth it depends on who you speak with. For example, someone who wants to bring solar into the home but they hate the look of traditional solar panels might find the $25,000 to $50,000 cost worth it. To the vast majority, however, the aesthetics probably won’t justify a cost that doubles or even triples what you might pay for the standard solar panel. Not to mention, the return on investment takes two to four times longer.

Great Concept: Needs Work

The idea of a Tesla Solar Roof is a great concept, but in most cases, the average consumer won’t be able to justify the high cost. That isn’t to say it isn’t a good idea. Similar to the electric vehicle, the Tesla Solar Roof needs a little more work before it can pull it off, but the concept will probably be improved in the future. The big problem is how Tesla doesn’t outline how much energy each solar panel generates, and when you’re paying as much as $25,000 this should be laid out in fine detail.
If you do decide to buy the Tesla Solar Roof, be sure to read the fine print. You should know how much wiring goes into it and how much solar energy each tile generates before buying. Before buying, you want all the facts laid out in clarity so that you can make an informed decision. Even if you decided to go with a solar panel system, you should remain exceptionally informed about what you’re investing in.