Think You Know Dvinci Energy?

Who is Dvinci Energy? They say you don’t fully know someone until you’ve seen them handle a difficult situation. In […]

Who is Dvinci Energy?

They say you don’t fully know someone until you’ve seen them handle a difficult situation. In these cases, there’s usually two kinds of people: those who choose to be paralyzed by a problem, and those who choose to turn the problem upside down and find the opportunities within.

At Dvinci, we’ve chosen to be the latter from the outset. We are the opportunities we see in the conflicts that arise around us.

Here’s how we do it.

Learning to Teach:

We begin with education. Investing in renewable energy is an opportunity to educate people on how their actions affect the world they live in. We recognize that to teach more, we must be willing to learn more. So, we’ve developed educational programs to ensure millennial professionals working with us not only learn the importance of sustainable energy, but also the importance of living a sustainable life.

But what is a sustainable life? Sustainability means balance; it means endurance and maintenance. To be sustainable one must learn to adapt to different circumstances. That flexibility, when facing a challenge, is imperative to find a solution. We teach the brightest minds to think about their daily actions like they would think about solving the energy crisis or climate change. You can’t sit still and wait for the world to remove the obstacles from your path.


Thinking global, acting local:

We at Dvinci Energy chose to see climate change as an opportunity for people to re-imagine how we structure many aspects of a globalized society. You can’t look at climate change based solely on its effect on the environment. Think of the Earth as someone whose cells have been smoking cigarettes for more than 100 years. Her body is now polluted and the sickness has influenced every organ in her body. At an economic, social and even political level, renewable energy has become a necessary, disruptive power.

At Dvinci we want to create a service type world, rather than a manufacturing world. We focus on creating partnerships with local manufacturers, installers, and developers- to be the link that connects them- so that the impact begins with them. Instead of trickle-down, we believe in trickle-up: meaning that to build more thriving and sustainable economies- at national and international levels- we must hand back the power to local businesses.

By making room for dialogue between us and local businesses and communities, we get to learn from them as much as they do from us. After all, their needs drive our goals.


Promoting Connectivity:

When you give back to local businesses you are helping foment a positive relationship with their communities. In this way, Dvinci works to deepen communication and connectivity between individuals in those communities.

You might wonder why connectivity is such an important factor. After all, aren’t we more connected to each other than we have ever been thanks to technology? The answer is yes, and no. Think of a tree. As it grows the branches may spread out in all directions, but its roots must remain grounded, connected to the soil, for it to live.

At Dvinci Energy we go back to the roots of human interaction. We do everything with a customer-centric approach. Technology allows us to communicate faster and more efficiently, but that doesn’t mean it has made communication better. Fostering good communication by being accessible to our customers not only lets us give more than we get, which is our goal, but we also get to remind people of what being connected truly means.


Where there’s a gap, we want to fill it. Where there’s a perspective that needs changing, we’ll switch sides, walk back and forth, examine every angle. Our motivation is the opportunity. The opportunity to educate. To change how we connect with each other. To heal so that we can continue to grow.

Think you know us now?